Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Road Trips

I love Uncle Locke!!
Is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen???
Best Friends!! Reagan and Margot!
Luke did not want to eat that cupcake!!
This past week has been crazy! The last weekend of July/first of August, we went up to visit our family after not being there in 3 months. Our nephew Luke was turning one so we got to go to his b'day party and afterwards, we drove up to see our dearest friends in Indy! It was so fun watching Margot play with Reagan. This is such a fun age and they have grown up together so far and we just hope they will be friends for life! (If their parents have anything to do with it they will be forced! haha)
David flew back and went to work for the week and I drove back with Margot on Tuesday. A friend of ours let us borrow her dvd player for the car and we thought it would help Margot with the trip...boy were we wrong! She is still just not into tv...i guess i should be thankful, but in the car on long trips it would be nice if she'd just watch a cartoon!
Then Thursday we got back in the car to head to NC to visit with David's college buddies and go to one of his friends weddings. FYI, If you have a one year and you want to go enjoy yourself at a wedding, leave her at home with the grandparents!! Margot is just way too busy to sit still for 5 seconds, let along an hour long wedding! We spent the entire wedding in the nursing room tearing it to pieces! I am sure that david's friends without kids are feeling sure they want to wait!! We think she's worth the craziness, but not at weddings! ha
here are a few pics of the events in the last week and a 1/2!!