Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I know, I's worst blogger!!

My 14 week belly...obviously bigger now and
they weren't lying when they said the second shows
waaaaaaaaaaaay sooner!
Samford Soccer Alumni (love these girls)
Margot got a bike seat to ride with daddy and LOVES it!

Well, I guess a lot has happened since I last blogged since it's been like 2 months! ha, but I will just touch on the important stuff!
We are going to be welcoming another Risner!! I am due April 3rd and we find out what we're having on Nov. 12th! I can't wait. We are a little scared of having a boy, but we trust in the Lord and if He thinks we can handle it, I guess we will! ha
I am almost 18 weeks! Yay!! Just pray for HEALTHY!!!
Margot is seriously talking like it's her job! She says like full sentences...they obviously don't make any sense at all, but we are looking forward to the day when it just clicks and she says something real! She is 18 months old now and I CANNOT believe how fast it has gone by! I know right, so cliche! But it is soooooooooo true! I hate it! I just want to press pause and not let her grow up anymore! David agrees with me! We are really enjoying her every day and we look forward to her playing with her little bro/sis soon too!! So fun!
So, here are some pics! Sorry, my like if somewhat boring!