Friday, January 15, 2010

okay, my quarterly post! haha

Mrs. Leah took me down my first time at pump it up!!
Then I got brave!!

Margot loves playing Doctor with Daddy, but will NEVER let the Ped. do this!!

We've been super busy around here...We had Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and awaiting baby boy Risner!
Margot is growing so much and I can hardly believe she will be two in the spring. It makes me really sad that shes not my baby anymore. She is talking like crazy and is officially obsessed with Dora the Explorer. I guess the Spanish major in me should be glad, but I think the TV watcher in me and her daddy has set in! (Especially when it's 20 degrees outside)...
My belly is huge and I still have 11 weeks to go, but I don't have a pic to post, sorry...i'll work on that. We said we'd be better about belly photos with this baby and that hasn't happened! I'm starting to get a little nervous about having two children! I think it will be challenging, fun, exhausting, exciting, and a huge adjustment, but nonetheless well worth the effort! I hope Margot adjusts well to having a baby brother before she "accidentally" suffocates him! jk, she likes babies, just not when I'm holding them. here's some pics to satisfy you for the time being!